How To Charge A Buzzbar Disposable


Have you being wondering how you can charge your buzzbar disposable vape, well this post is for you. Below we’re gonna outline some few quick steps to get you started with charging your buzzbar disposable vape pen.

  1. Locate The Charging Port : unlike most disposable vape pens, buzzbar disposables have a port that you can plug a charging cable into. You will see a USB Type-C put on the base of the pen.
  2. In case your buzz bar vape did not include a charging cable but has a charging port, you could normally use any USB-C port, but this is not very not unusual on disposable vape pens. Micro USB ports are 6.85mm x 1.8mm rectangular ports. USB kind C ports are 8.24mm x 2.4mm and are oval-formed.
  3. Plug the USB cable right into a charger.
  4. connect the alternative end of the USB cable to a well known USB wall charger. Recharging can take anywhere from a 1/2 to 4 hours. while the vape is charging, do now not leave it unattended, and put off it from the charger as quickly as the charging is whole.
  5. permit the buzzbar vape to charge for at least 30 minutes every couple of days.
  6. If the battery doesn’t charge, you could try cleaning the USB port on the vape using compressed air or a cotton swab gently soaked in alcohol. ensure you permit the port dry earlier than plugging a USB cable into it.
  7. If the battery nonetheless may not charge, the battery can be lifeless and you may want to get a new disposable vape.

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